Google Adsense

I’m currently playing with Google Adsense. As far as I understand, it pays based on number of impressions (times the page/ads are loaded), and the number of clicks the ads actually get. I’m not actually allowed to tell people to click the ads, though, and people reading the blog via a feed reader will probably sidestep the ads entirely. So I doubt I’ll be earning very much here.

(In fact I think my Adsense account can get banned even if one of you fanatically decides to go on a mindless clicking spree, so please don’t sabo me. Feel free to click any ad you find interesting though =P)

I don’t actually think this blog’s got enough of a readership for it to earn me anything, but I’m currently toying with the idea of working on a guide for Battle Stations! that will hopefully generate some traffic and possibly offset (or more) the cost of my hosted webspace, so I thought I’d experiment with ways to implement the ads unobtrusively yet effectively.

Plus, sometimes it’s funny to see what Google thinks are matching keywords for the blog, haha.

In other news, yes I got myself a new domain name with 200gb of webspace, on a US$90 lifetime plan by THC. It’s a pretty good deal, as long as the company doesn’t fold within the next few years… Everything’s currently under construction though, but you can still head to (name courtesy of Ailin) and stare at the placeholder image.

Will probably be migrating there (on WordPress) after graduation, time for a brand new start, and levelling up of geekery!


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