Refrigerator theft


Dammit it was a brand new unopened pack, who could have been unethical enough to just appropriate £1.74 of food like that? I mean, sure I ‘borrow’ a little milk every now and then, but that’s like a couple of pennies at a go! A totally different league altogether! <- (sense of hypocritical irony)

But seriously I think it takes a different class of daring to just take a whole packet of somebody’s food, as opposed to pinching a little milk.

In related news, my unopened (thus still sealed) pack of minced beef went bad in the fridge, two days before the printed expiry of 21 Feb. How? Why?! -Incredulous- That’s another £2 worth of food, gone.

Food in shared accommodation is unhappy business. Next time I’ll just freeze my stuff earlier. Sigh.


Posted on February 19, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. erm, maybe the prawns went bad as well and someone threw it out? since I’m assuming that you label your for food going bad, try turning down the temperature of the fridge or demand a new one from the college..

  2. I’d thought of that, but it’s not that likely since the prawns were also unopened and would not have stunk.And why clear the prawns but not the beef?

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