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Project 365, 2007

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(Unfortunately, the passage of time and technical issues have removed a fair number of captions and apparently removed some pictures from the album. Alas!)

It is done.

Phew. At last. My life doesn’t seem exciting enough to sustain a picture a day. I’ve cheated on quite a few occasions, actually. Heh. Don’t think I’m about to start a p365 for 2008. Sticking to Facebook for random events might be easier after all =P

I guess this replaces my annual New Year reflection post, then. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all… here’s my 365,000-word essay, then!


日本の形 (The Japanese Tradition)

So it all started with Yiwen sending me the link to this video on how to use hashi (chopsticks). I thought it was really funny so I searched for more in the series (apparently there’re quite a number, although I’ve only found a few that are subbed).

Since I’m in Japan and all it seems only fitting that I watch (and blog) about this, though watching them all has effectively killed about an hour of my life. Haha.

They all start relatively seriously (I actually thought it was a real documentary at first), but get progressively ridiculous and funny. Watch them if you have time – they’re really quite a hoot!

This is a list of episodes and links to the few subbed versions I’ve found online, hopefully I’ll be able to see them all one day ([J] links to the unsubbed versions I’ve found, you can try watching if you’re bored or if you actually understand Japanese).

The Japanese Tradition 「日本の形」

Hashi 「箸」

Origami 「折り紙」

Obon-Yasumi 「お盆休み」

Natsu Yasumi 「夏休み」

[J] Onigiri 「おにぎり」

[J] Ocha 「お茶」

Shazai 「謝罪」

[J1][J2] Utage 「宴」

Tejime 「手締め」

[J] Dogeza 「土下座」


[1][2][3][4] Kosai「交際」

Old holiday pics

In the true spirit of procrastination I’ve added some captions to my more recent holiday albums, so. Err. Yeah. Check them out if you like, I suppose?





lost in york, bizarro edition

So I was checking out Google Translate (as part of my procrastination bid, of course) and tried seeing what my blog looks like in Chinese.

It’s quite funny. It’s a bit mind-staggering seeing my whole site (more or less) in Chinese, and I must say that the translation quality is pretty good, with a few hilarious mistakes though.

And York is translated as New York. How delightful to see the city you live in is not on Google’s radar. I wonder if they have the translation for Singapore?

Battle Stations!

I’ve been playing Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations (Facebook game) the past 2 weeks. In this game you get a ship, gain money/experience, deck it with better equipment, and get to combat other players’ ships (or not, depending on your playing style). Essentially a mini-MMORPG, except it doesn’t suck up all my free time like WoW did, since they limit the number of action points gained per hour.

It’s got a bit of a learning curve (like maybe ten minutes reading the beginner’s guide), but two weeks later with a new ship and having recently discovered the joys of the battering ram, I must say it’s been quite a fun diversion. Plus, the company which made it (TYLER Projects) is Singaporean! Seems to comprise at least partially of university students. Such enterprising/productive people. As opposed to bums like me who play with their products instead of studying.



Wow I really like this video. Apparently I’m slow and a lot of people have seen it before, but it’s new to me. Really poignant and impactful.