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Time goes by

Was it really two years ago now, that I first settled into my room in D Block and had people marvel at the size of my en-suite toilet, that I started going to church again and eventually rediscovering God, that I started cooking (and buying too many prawns because they were on offer), that I started making new friends and embarking on new relationships?

It doesn’t feel that way, but the calendar shows otherwise. I’m back in York, but things have changed. I guess most of my closer friends here are gone now, or have moved further away, and it feels like I should start from scratch once more. Yet at the same time there is little drive to – I’ll only be here for half a year more, how likely am I to forge anything permanent?

There are simply too many.

Time flies, even though we seldom think so until we look back at the past, and before I know it I’ll be 30. I wonder where I’ll be, then?


Sins of the past

It haunts me still.

I haven’t really thought of it for awhile, almost a year now, but it’s something I was really ashamed of, that I wished I had stopped, no matter how bad it might have looked. But it’s long over now, and who’s to say if anything would be different today if it’d progressed in another manner? I really don’t know.

It haunts me still.

KTM's take on section 377A

Original article

Interesting take on the whole 377A issue. I’ve always been a proponent of adjusting your individual expectations/desires to suit what life (or society) throws at you, it’s nice to see it exists elsewhere.

However I’m still a little undecided where I stand on this issue – after all, if everyone just adapts to the status quo, there will never be progress, will there? Of course, that brings up the question of whether said progress is desired in the first place, something I haven’t really decided on myself either.

Feed me!

I’ve been a fan of web feeds and Google Reader for some time, since they essentially allow me to follow sites (mostly blogs) without having to visit them frequently. Most blogs I read don’t update very frequently, so it’s kinda annoying to visit them daily. Feeds help keep track of them so much better – by updating whenever a new post is made (or maybe a few hours later, but still not too bad).

But some (evil evil!) blogs and sites don’t offer feeds, and I usually just stick them in my daily reads bookmark folder. I recently started following Barney’s blog (he’s a character from a sitcom I follow, How I Met Your Mother) which I find rather amusing, but updates weekly so I’d really prefer it in feed form.

So a little googling later, I discover this site and through it feed43, through which I am the new proud subscriber of the unofficial Barney’s blog feed.

(As well as 3 other private blogs, but I’m not about to publicise them =P)

Busy busy

Hmmph. Haven’t had much time, or things to blog about, lately. Nothing very exciting to say when everyday is spent doing work, or relaxing (and procrastinating) from doing work, huh?

I’ll be popping by London 16-17 November for this seminar, partly because I’m interested in attending, partly because there’s a free buffet lunch, but (embarrassingly) mostly because MOE is paying transport and accommodation costs, so it’s like a free (or cheap) weekend getaway to London.

Was in a bit of a funk last night, didn’t manage to get much work done. Now that it’s passed I wonder how much of it was really a mood thing, and how much of it was my laziness making use of the excuse not to do work. Hmm.

Protected: The sound of the second strike

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I love Vista!

So like this guy, I lost all my files in one folder accidentally. It was a stupid mistake – I was trying to back up my music files onto my home desktop, so I wanted to delete all the files on the desktop and copy the whole folder from my laptop, but I accidentally ended up deleting the laptop music folder instead.

Usually this would just involve a quick trip to the Recycle Bin to remedy, but my recycle bin is set to 8GB and I happen to have more music than that – so effectively quite a few of the files were lost. I was despairing for a moment when I recalled Windows Vista’s shadow copy function, through which I managed to restore my music folder to what it was like yesterday.

This is the first time I’m actually thankful for having upgraded. =P

Satay Bee Hoon

This, my friends, is satay bee hoon.

I’ve found that somehow, among the Singaporean (Malaysian? Not too sure if it’s available across the causeway as well) dishes, this seems to be one of the least familiar. A lot of my friends haven’t ever eaten it, for some reason, though I think it’s pretty good.

It’s not very elaborate – simply boiled bee hoon (thin rice noodles) with cuttlefish, tau pok (some beancurdy thing), pork and some other stuff, drenched in satay sauce (the peanut sauce usually served the skewered barbecued meat), from which it presumably derives its name.

Yesterday I was at Lagoon Food Centre (the hawker centre at East Coast Park) and queued up for more than half an hour for the satay bee hoon there.

Frankly it’s not something I would do frequently, since I seldom have the patience and usually reason that the food, though good, is probably not worth the wait, but I have a special fondness for this particular stall because my parents used to bring us here back when I was a kid, probably more than 15 years ago, probably 2 (or more) renovations ago for the food centre. It was kinda the weekend meal – satay bee hoon, some sticks of satay, and some fresh coconuts. After which the kids would be deposited at the beach to play with sand while the adults went to take a walk or something.

It’s nice to see that even in ever-developing Singapore, there are some things which don’t simply disappear.


Having lived amongst non-English-speakers for almost a month, I find my brain wired with certain reflexes… such as the inexplicable urge to say ‘sumimasen!’ instead of ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’.