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Essentially I was bored and created a homage to Kevin earlier, based on the Facebook Pets application.

Would you like to feed the Makanbit?


Going home

In about 17 hours I’ll be done with my second academic year. After which, comes a frenzy of packing as I stuff everything into boxes (for storage) being collected the next day. After which is two (or perhaps one and a half) nights of sleeping in a barely-furnished room, before making my way to Manchester Airport, boarding the plane, and finally reaching home at 6:20am, 1 July.

It’s not really all that far now, is it? How time flies.

Protected: The sound of reconsidering

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well, most coin faces aren’t really the prettiest
or notes, for that matter
if i were the guy printing the money in venezuela, for example, i’ll be printing ms venezuela universe on the notes
but alas i am not



(hey for all i know, they do)

why don’t they?
beauty queens are an important venezuelan export
they have beauty queen schools there

Seriously. Who actually likes seeing Yusof Ishak on the current Singaporean notes? The old ship series, and the bird series before that, were so much more aesthetically pleasing (to me).

I suspect they chose ol’ Yusof simply because we don’t produce supermodels of note. Alas!

Protected: The sound of uncertainty

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I got winded just walking up hills last weekend, so I’ve decided that since the weather’s so good these days, I think I shall go for a jog. =P


I’ve been assigned to Guangyang Primary for my school attachment. It’s really near Bishan MRT, so maybe I’ll be meeting up with you north-dwellers more often in July then… (Then again I’ll probably knock off earlier than the average worker. Oh well =P)

Hmm. Maybe I’ll even cycle to school daily. Ey wait, I think my mum got rid of the bike already. Dang.

My project title seems quite interesting, as in it’s something I’m very interested in actually doing, but right now quite frankly I don’t know where to start. Like I have a few vague ideas in my head, but how do I know if they’re viable at all? I’ve got very little experience leh. Haiyah.

Improving the PSLE English Language Results – A modular approach to teaching and learning

The school has not been able to achieve PSLE English Language Results that is above national average for the past 2 years. Upon the mid year review conducted at the end of semester 1 of 2007, teachers gave the feedback that a lot of time in class has been proportioned towards the completion of tasks assigned in the workbooks. Teachers have very little time to teach pupils the strategies towards tackling examinable components in which they can score best example Grammar and Editing, let alone revise those components that they are weak in namely, the Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis and Transformation and Comprehension OE.

The scholar can review the results of the current P4 pupils to see how best the modular system / approach to the teaching and learning of English Language can be implemented for 2008-2009 to prepare these pupils for their PSLE in 2009.

Weekend break

(I’ve just made some (backdated) posts about my Poland/Hungary and Scotland trips, you can check them out as well.)

Back from Stonehenge! Pictures up here, and Kenny’s got a post on it too, but anyway here’s my summary of it all.

Lester just returned from his stint in Tanzania, so he, Kenny and I decided to make a short road trip to Stonehenge. In a nutshell, it was pretty interesting, quite nice to look at, but probably a little overhyped. I would still go, but definitely do not expect an earth-shattering monument.

I’d never actually seen, or even heard, of the white horse hill figures before this trip. They’re essentially just giant markings on the ground, made prominent with chalk. Kinda useless, but pretty fun to look at.

Come to think of it, I’ve never actually touched a cow before, either. The three of us spent quite some time trying to entice them with grass, but it was a futile task – considering that we were hardly the only source of grass in the vicinity.

We stayed over at Bath, which was really very pretty. The University of Bath would actually have been my third choice after York and UCL, and it was kinda interesting to see the place I could have been spending my university years at. I concluded that I’d probably have liked staying there, actually. York’s still lovely, of course =P

Finally, a rushed dinner at Kenny’s place in Cambridge, before I scooted off to catch my train(s) home.

All in all a very fulfilling trip, it kinda makes me miss home more, actually. All the people I haven’t seen for quite awhile… Oh well. Just three weeks more…