As Ailin once commented (or at least, this is part of what I think she was trying to say), it is a pity when you meet someone nice, or find out that you think you might actually be able to connect with someone, but the sad truth of things is that there’ll probably never be the chance to, that you’ll probably never see him/her again.

But alas, that is the way life is, and time doesn’t stop for you just because you want to make a friend, and the world moves on, and you must simply deal with things the way they are.


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  1. I would ask you to try to make that connection (because surprising things can happen in a short span of time) but my own experience was a negative one. Close to 5 years on, I still feel the repercussions of my decision to try to take things further even though there wasn’t adequate time.

  2. exactly why there’s no point forming a “connection”. -The Man.

  3. ive posted comments twice- no idea why it wouldnt show :xanyway, sigh, its more of a pity when chances to ‘connect’ are so inf-your-face, but not optimized. anyway, blog more!! :)

  4. Hasnt pep just blogged about similar thing…Oh wells, i think we should “trying to communicate rather than moaning”, but laziness kills, and all the thoughts of ‘what if things dont work out’ kills too!Hrmmmm… thinking about how many oxford frds i will lose connection with after this term….

  5. gosh. it so in-my-face … this post.

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