Three letters

Tony Blair explained his priorities in three words: education, education, education. I can do it in three letters: NHS.

-David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, 2006.

I’ve always been mostly utilitarian in my way of thinking, and yet like this guy, I cannot help but to be impressed by the underlying principle behind the NHS.

For all its failings and inefficiencies, for all the lack of economic sense it makes, the concept of free healthcare for all is one I find truly noble. And to extend this concept to even foreigners – wow!

I am currently covered under the NHS, although I haven’t really had chance to benefit from its service (not that I’m complaining). Although they don’t really do much for small ailments like flu and coughs, it’s still reassuring to know that any operations I might need will be covered.


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  1. Yea…I remember when I was under 18 I could have any medi for free… and first year of university i even applied for some certificate of low income that allowed me to buy things from pharmacy for free…The furthers my doubt on my plan of going back to Asia *_* Why I choose to go back and suffer?Truly just for family members and an asian wife? heh…

  2. Hey Louis, principles are one thing, but if your getting something free, theres usually a catch.In britains case.. its MRSA.

  3. free it may be, but will medical treatment be available in time? :P

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