Monthly Archives: March 2007

Three letters

Tony Blair explained his priorities in three words: education, education, education. I can do it in three letters: NHS.

-David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, 2006.

I’ve always been mostly utilitarian in my way of thinking, and yet like this guy, I cannot help but to be impressed by the underlying principle behind the NHS.

For all its failings and inefficiencies, for all the lack of economic sense it makes, the concept of free healthcare for all is one I find truly noble. And to extend this concept to even foreigners – wow!

I am currently covered under the NHS, although I haven’t really had chance to benefit from its service (not that I’m complaining). Although they don’t really do much for small ailments like flu and coughs, it’s still reassuring to know that any operations I might need will be covered.


The Evolution of Homer

Watched this as part of the starting sequence on The Simpsons yesterday. It’s funny! =P

Off to holiday…

Will be off to Poland (Krakow, Warsaw) and Hungary (Budapest) for a week. Recently heard that there’re riots in Budapest, though. How funky. I don’t think we’ll be affected that much, though street violence might be interesting to observe.

As long as we don’t get hurt. Hopefully not!

Research Assistantship continued

Apparently only four people expressed interest in the BPS Research Assistantship, and I think I might have actually had a good chance if not for my MOE attachment this year, because they want to start their project in July now. Sigh. I really should have done the attachment last year, but by the time I requested for it, it was too late already…

Oh well. Life goes on. And I still have one exam to study for.

Sockets are forever…

More procrastinating. I chanced upon this on the World of Warcraft page, and I think it’s pretty funny.

I can almost imagine some gaming couple finding this, uhhh… romantic? I guess. =P

Minor edits

If any of you are using feed aggregators and wondering why all my old posts have popped up again, well, it’s because blog maintenance is just so fun.

After being convinced by an argument against linking to new windows, I decided to remove all the code on my posts which open links in new windows. So it’s totally up to the (very few) readers now. Huzzah.

Also, I suddenly felt that I had too few tags (or ‘labels’ as Google calls them). I mean, what does it say about me when my top labels are York, Geek, Singapore and Food?

So I decided to add Funny to describe the posts I thought were, well, funny. If I’m going to be a gluttonous geek, at least I’d be a funny one! I later realised it is a rather pompous label indeed, since I might be the only one on the planet who finds it amusing. Oh well. Too late.

I think maybe I should have a label for ‘Procrastination’ as well. I know this post certainly qualifies.

Black Sheep – The Violence of the Lambs

On a vast New Zealand sheep station, a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into bloodthirsty killers.

This must be the most hilarious trailer I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I started laughing even before I watched it, just after I read the synopsis at the Apple trailer site.