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Auld Lang Syne v5

As I grow older, special anniversaries start becoming more and more arbitrary in nature. What is another birthday, Christmas, or New Year, but another excuse to celebrate? Not that celebrating’s a bad thing, but why is there a need to do so every time the Earth revolves round the sun? I’ve always found reflection to be a good thing, however, and now that it’s come to the end of yet another year now, tradition dictates that I follow up last year’s entry with another musing of this year’s events.

When counted in terms of events, 2006 doesn’t seem to be a particularly eventful year. But sometimes it’s the quality rather than the quantity that counts, and quality-wise, I think it’s been a good year. I’ve grown closer to God, made new friends, explored new places, and performed pretty well academically. I did manage to find a pretty intelligent nice single Singaporean girl (what an embarrassing blog entry) after all, and hopefully all goes well in that department.

All things considered, I think I’m quite happy where I am.

There are the bad things, of course, like how I’m still too lazy for my own good, how I seem to be losing touch with many of my old friends, how I’m definitely neglecting my family back home, and probably a zillion other things I can’t quite remember right now. I’m tempted to say they’re just small things, but not all of them are. Still, I think they’re all manageable, and hopefully in 2007 I’ll tackle more of these problems.

In two hours’ time I’ll be on a taxi headed toward the train station. Another trip, this time to Turkey and Greece with Ailin, Yiwen and Jason. I’m quite excited about it, although the prospect of long travelling hours is somewhat daunting.

A fitting (if painful) way to start the new year, embarking on a journey of exploration.


For now

I’ve blogged about Avenue Q before, but I just caught it today and boy! I’ll say it’s the best musical I’ve ever watched. Tastes are subjective, of course, but I find it hard to imagine that any of my peers would not enjoy the show at all.

So the exams are finally over and I’m taking a break in London once more. Not really much planned in the itinerary – mostly hoping to catch a few more shows and basically bum around in the meantime. Allan was gracious enough to let me bunk over at his place, so it’s free accom again. Whee!

After this it’s back to York for a not-so-exciting (but hopefully warm and fuzzy nonetheless) Christmas, then a holiday to Istanbul, Athens and Heraklion. Doubt I’ll get much blogging done in the meantime, but then again, what’s new?

In the meantime, say hello to the Cyclopean Ball of Fat, courtesy of Apple’s imaging software and a display iMac at Harrods.

Glod is gory

Spoonerism of the day – Praise Glod for he’s gory.

(Meant to be “praise God for his glory”, as far as I recall)

I’m not sure who this Glod fella is, but I sure hope this doesn’t constitute paganism!

For some reason I’ve been unintentionally producing spoonerisms ever since I finished NS. I suspect that all those months in there have fried my Broca’s area and somehow left my linguistic abilities sub-optimal, with some amusing effects.

I often think that God is the ultimate jokester.

Puff the Magic Dragon

Say hello to my latest friend, Puff!

Yiwen pointed me to this video earlier and I was curious about it and ended up at this site. They had a pdf file you could download and print, and voila! A magic dragon is born!

It’s essentially a variant of the hollow face illusion, but I think this version is really cute. As Pepper suggested, they should probably create more variants of it, though.

What a great way to procrastinate exam preparation! =P Although to be fair, today was blocked out as a day for relaxation already. Whee.

All of MP3!

12 hours before my assignments are due, I stumble upon and decide that buying cheap online music is an incredibly fun thing to do.

The legality of it is quite questionable, if I’m not wrong it doesn’t conflict with Russian law and Russia would probably have been quite happy leaving it there, except now that it’s joined the WTO there’s more pressure for them to shut it down.

I’d better spend that $6 balance I have left with them soon before the site’s shut down… but before that, I’d better finish that last essay of mine…

Ba Da Ga

The fire alarm went off again last night. At three. Bloody. A. M.


We touched on the McGurk effect during lecture earlier and I actually found it quite fascinating. The lecturer essentially played us this video, the first time with only the audio, and the second time with both audio and visual, and surprisingly enough it sounded different, even with the knowledge of what was being said!

I’ve finished one essay. One left to go. I’m about two days behind schedule, but should still be able to complete everything. Quality might be slightly compromised, though. I really should get more disciplined.