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Sydney Opera House, me, Ailin and Cuifen (plus unidentified building)

Whenever people ask me what I did at my most recent holiday, I usually have very little to say about it – partially because I don’t do that much, but also because I’ve got a horrible memory that requires photographic stimuli.

I, Convict

However, for some reason or another, I always end up with many pictures of myself in various stupid poses (hrr hrr), so without some text commentary of the highlights I’ll probably end up with a really warped idea of what I did.

Three Sisters (Blue Mountains)

Ailin and I flew over to Sydney to visit Cuifen (and tour around) a few weeks back, from 2-12 September. It was really more of a visit than a holiday, I felt, since we didn’t really go around all that much, but it was nice, relaxing, and rather enjoyable.

The many dangers of the Sydney Aquarium

Among some of the places we visited was the Sydney Aquarium. Not being a big fish fan, I wasn’t too enthused about visiting it initially , but it turned out to be pretty nice after all – it’s way bigger than Singapore’s Underwater World, and has more stuff too. Plus, that is where I fell in love.

The platypus is one of the many mammals unique to Australia, and in my mind definitely the weirdest. It is precisely because of this weirdness (best summed up in this Honda advertisment) that I find it so adorable – It’s just too funny! This hodgepodge of an animal is my personal proof that God exists, and that he has a sense of humour.

(In fact I was pondering how to go about getting one of those squishable things on the black market until I found out they weren’t as squishable as I’d imagined – they’ve got venomous claws (the males, anyway) which apparently cause massive amounts of pain in humans. Not quite what I had in mind for a pet.)

Instant stardom with the bluescreen

We also visited the Powerhouse Museum, which was essentially Sydney’s version of a Science Centre (again, much larger than Singapore’s). It wasn’t mindblowingly exciting, but I’ve always rather enjoyed this type of place (like London’s Natural History Museum).

Plus, it made for another opportunity to get photographed in another stupid pose.

Photographed with shaky hands hyper-realistic electrocution effects

We visited other places too, but there’re just too many for me to cover in one post (more importantly, I don’t really have many good photos of those). Otherwise we mainly slacked around Cuifen’s house and had good food. Haha. It’s a great place to live, and it made me actually consider moving to Australia as a retirement home. Although by then their immigrations laws would likely have tightened. Hmm.

Oh well. We can only wait and see.



Some minor template edits. Nothing to shout about, but I think that’s going to be it for now. Can’t really be bothered to sink in that much time into seriously redesigning this thing. =P

The Farmer in the Dell

I like my new Dell Inspiron 6400. Sure, I might think to myself, “man it’s butt-ugly” everytime I close its cover, but that’s a very small proportion of the time I actually spend looking at it, anyway (Although I do wonder if I should have spent $40+ on the colour kit).

PLUS! I get to install all the latest games on it. Haha. After almost a year of game-deprivation, this is payback!

Civilization IV: Warlords, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Empire at War, Company of Heroes… Wow. I wonder if I’m gonna get any work done this coming academic year.

(I’ve sold off the old PowerBook, as a sidenote. Yay.)


I always choose the wrong queues.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser

I have to admit, maybe there is more to this moisturising thing than what I had previously thought.

Smiling hurts my skin no more! -thumbs up-