Seeing double

I know in theory that there are other 8-year-old Toyota Solunas in that ugly shade of (turquoise?) in existence, but seeing two of them lined up in a row like this is somewhat disconcerting.

I suspect someone actually bought the car and had it parked behind ours just to mock us, or something.


Posted on July 29, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. SMASH UP THE COPYCAT. Then you can have a before/after kinda thing.Toyota Soluna – 8 years old; Toyota Soluna – 80 years old

  2. ur becoming a stomp journalist. haha.

  3. eh zheng ur car la .. put spoiler,xenon lights,flame body paint,lower suspension,enlarge exhaust,tinted windows,neon lights,and put many many decals,front scoper,body kit,pressure and temp guage,momo steering wheel,wah i tell u ur car one of a kind man ….ask ur father do ah v nice one-The Man

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