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Seeing double

I know in theory that there are other 8-year-old Toyota Solunas in that ugly shade of (turquoise?) in existence, but seeing two of them lined up in a row like this is somewhat disconcerting.

I suspect someone actually bought the car and had it parked behind ours just to mock us, or something.


Almost broken

Yesterday I found myself embroiled in an unusual (for me) situation – three possible places to be, with only time enough for two. Usually the the choice is obvious (just go for whichever you feel most like going for), but in this case I’d already agreed to meet two of the groups, though the last one was probably the one I’d most wanted to go for.

It was seriously a tough decision for me then, but I really believe that keeping your word is important (and that flippantly cancelling last-minute is one of the evillest things you could ever do), so I guess in the end you can say I stuck to my (outdated and misguided) principles.

I think I was well-rewarded for that decision today, actually. Thank You for Smoking is probably the best film I’ve seen since I’ve been back, though I wish we’d had more time to talk. I also wish I’d known you weren’t meeting for lunch, since I probably could have squeezed in that third appointment then.

Dinner with my secondary classmates wasn’t something I’d been looking forward to – a lot of my closer friends weren’t going, and I’ve never been a big fan of BBQs. It went surprisingly well though, I think there were enough people there I’m not particularly close to but get along with pretty well, such that I didn’t feel particularly like a lone duck in the middle of a flock of geese.

(Somehow, waterfowl imagery comes to mind easily after my stay in York)

Outdated and misguided? Tried and tested.

Educators all

It was a bit strange seeing so many of the MOE people in the same place again, for the first time in so very long.

Was it already a year ago that we’d gone for OBS together, that we’d collectively yawned our way through the pre-departure courses, that we’d worked together to produce that embarrassing excuse of an item for the pre-departure ceremony?

I suppose that yes, yes it has been that long already, and truth be told, I haven’t really bothered keeping in touch with most of them, not even the ones I thought I’d got along with pretty well. Which is sad, really, but I suppose that’s the way it works.

It was heartening, however, that we still do have things to talk about, and that it wasn’t really all that awkward amongst the lot of us. I suppose that even though we might not really know a lot about each others’ personal lives, at the end of the day, we are all (well, mostly anyway) similar in one way at least, and that there is something unifying in that one common aspect, somehow.

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To bake a cheesecake

Today I was reading the papers when I chanced upon this.

I’m actually quite a big fan of cheesecake, so when the freaking recipe just throws itself in my face like that, I can’t help but to start feeling a certain itch in my fingers.

So off I went to the nearby Cold Storage, and got myself the required ingredients. I embellished a bit, though – like I’d made a crust from chocolate digestives rather than the ready-rolled thing they suggested, and since I had no idea how to do a bain marie (and had to wiki to find out what exactly it was), I simulated it by heating at 100ºC.

The end result wasn’t too shoddy, I think. Maybe a little overcooked – it’s a bit cracked and stuff like that, but not bad lah! Quite nice. Or at least, I think so.


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Star Wars ASCII

This is great. Just great. Pure geeky fanboy craziness. Essentially, it attempts to show the whole of Star Wars (Episode IV) in ASCII art.

These people probably have too much time on their hands, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s funny stuff.


I’m back.

It’s warm. I’m sticky (from perspiration). It’s not quite as bad as anticipated, though.

Today was a day meant for the core family, people I haven’t seen for awhile, but other people I hadn’t seen for a lot longer just kept popping out of nowhere. I met COL Tan (formerly LTC Tan, my ex-officer at MINDEF) at a hawker centre (Long House, along Upper Thomson Road) while I was there for lunch. It was actually my first time at the place and he apparently doesn’t frequent it often, so it was a really chance encounter (apparently he was just buying goreng pisang home from there at the time).

I was at Singa Inn (along ECP) for dinner and I met a certain Mrs Tan, who was my lower sec Science teacher. I wasn’t particularly close to her, I think, but I was quite touched that she actually remembered my name (Apparently, my face looks exactly the same as it did a decade ago). Her husband was there as well, and he’d actually taught me Computer Science before, but given the number of classes he’d handled it came as no surprise that he had no real recollection of me. This was quite a coincidence too – it was her first time there, and I don’t really remember having been there for quite a few years now.

Singapore’s just too small. I wonder who I’ll bump into next, even without intending to.