Over the board

The Westboro Baptist Church seems to be in the business of preaching hate, basing it on the holy book.

I think that the book may or may not be divinely inspired, but there is just too much scope for a mortal human to go wrong if he starts blindly following what he thinks it’s saying, without any heed to what you personally believe in.


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  1. good post. very disturbing video. and the site: http://www.godhatesamerica.com, disturbing disturbing. :x i dont know what else to say.

  2. very disturbing video indeed. my God doesnt hate. OUR God doesnt hate. i am shaken. speechless indeed.

  3. God is God,whatever he does,think or say we cannot change but accept whatever he throws at us. If God can love, then well why can’t get angry?..or maybe even hate for that matter.. i mean there’s much said about his wrath in the bible..God created man,which gives him the right to kill man anytime he wants.But since death is but a beggining,a transcendence to paradise…then isn’t death a good thing?? So why do people cry when people die? We should rejoice like what the chinese do..get together have a feast..play mahjong. Anyway..whatever assumptions we have.. even the bible for that matter,we will NEVER know the big picture,or who or what God really is,all we can do is have faith that whatever he does be it killing someone..giving you a bad day..or simply making a flower bloom.. we will never EVER know why.It just is,God is…God… thats about it…-the man-

  4. Oh yes and i found that video well.. disturbing yes.. funny .. yes.. to be honest what went through my head was 2 girls trying to hit each other with the bible…the bible’s a book..u don’t throw books around..u throw balls, frisbees around.. not books :P-the man

  5. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. ~2 Peter 1:20-21~ :)

  6. boo. long time no chat.amusing video.

  7. Listening to that first thing in the morning was disturbing.I am really, really glad that the newscaster let herself go with that idiot woman. Especially since it’s Fox, which has been so nationalistic in the shadow of 9/11. Her husband is Fred Phelps, who has to be one of THE most batshit insane people ever in the whole history of anti-gay sentiments. I’m surprised that you hadn’t heard of him until now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westboro_Baptist_Church

  8. A:”God is everywhere you can never turn away from him” B:”But how do you explain those who turn away from him?”A:”You can’t,its just that some pple walk ard with thier eyes closed”.

  9. honestly Louis, you’ve got to understand that people are inherently manipulative and selfish – for survival instincts, yes – but these things motivate them to things that WE ourselves are guilty of EVERY single day, i.e. being judgmental, not showing love to others, distancing ourselves from people, etc. People go to different extents, but who’s to say who’s better and who’s guilty/not guilty? If we base anything, including the bible, firstly on our personal views – how is that going to measure up with anything? How is what we believe in not going to change with time? With people? With easily-mutable things like feelings? How does that hold water? The fact that the bible is manipulated for selfish reasons or judgmental purposes just goes to show me that people can use anything or everything for their own means, and it includes the Qu’ran, any kind of religion (i.e. man-made institution), family, relationships, LOVE, people, YOU, me. These things – are they inherently wrong? Read it from somewhere – the greater capacity for good, the greater capacity for evil. E.g. Look at how ‘love’ is so easily manipulable and distorted. Does that mean all of us should run away from people and approach love from a distrustful, safe distance? That won’t carry us very far in this world………Our God doesn’t hate people. But He hates sin. And I’m thankful for that – His holiness – because a wishy-washy God who compromises His standards of good and bad is not worthy of our worship

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