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Great pain

Studying. Sucks.

Somebody kill me now.


On the plus side, just four more days to tahan till the exams are over… then pack pack pack and home I go!



Today is Fathers’ Day. Today is Mei Ling’s birthday. Today is my brother’s birthday (in Singapore time, anyway). Today Ailin was baptised.

I somehow feel like there is a certain design in all this, that so many people who mean so much to me all have something worth celebrating today, and I feel like there is something I should write about all this. Alas, I am stuck here finishing up an assessed report which is due tomorrow, so I suppose it’ll have to wait, if indeed anything does arise from all this.

Probably it’s just some cosmic coincidence, though.


Wahlau. I’m a girl?

Oh well, at least I’m powerful.

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Over the board

The Westboro Baptist Church seems to be in the business of preaching hate, basing it on the holy book.

I think that the book may or may not be divinely inspired, but there is just too much scope for a mortal human to go wrong if he starts blindly following what he thinks it’s saying, without any heed to what you personally believe in.

Angsty kid

Just took a trip down memory lane reviewing my old Livejournal entries. It’s funny, there was a time I remember looking back at those entries and thinking how clever I used to be, but now I look back at those JC days and think, what a silly silly child I once was, so bitter and full of angst.

(The entries were also quite cringeworthy, I think. I have no clue why I ever thought I used to write well then.)

I suppose those days weren’t particularly easy for me, with some family problems and consequently some academic and social problems as well. I didn’t perform the best I could, but I think I was extremely lucky and managed to scrape through just fine. Looking at where I am now, I just can’t help but to wonder at how blessed and lucky I’ve been, given my attitude towards everything for the bulk of those two years.

Most heartening is probably this post I found regarding my long-term goals, circa 2002. It’s really good to know that, in the grand scheme of things at least, I’m kinda on track. Psychology in uni? Check. Teaching? Check. Faith in God? Check.

The other points can’t be evaluated quite as simply, but I think that it’s not too bad, all things considered.


It’s hot.

So hot I even bought a battery-operated fan for £3.99.

I’m wondering if I should have bought the electric table-top fan for £12.99 instead… Probably the price difference will be recovered in the amount of batteries I save.

No idea how long the batteries will last me though… If it lasts for long enough, I suppose the battery option was still the cheaper choice…

I’m going to totally melt when I’m back in Singapore.

Edit: This fan is crap lah. I’m getting myself an Igenix IG8400 soon.

My Singapore, my home.

Aww. How cute.

It’s things like these which make me forget (for just a little while) how annoying my little sister can be.


My Singapore, my home?

Just read this fictional what-if account. Quite poignant, though probably somewhat exaggerated.

Is this really the way my country is headed? I suppose I’ve come from a pretty privileged background. I’ve never really had to worry about working part-time, and I think my family’s financial worries involve more of “can we hold on to the house?” and “can we support the car?” rather than “can we keep a roof over our heads?”.

So, I guess I’ve never really truly understood the financial problems of lower middle-income families, that bracket which is struggling to cope but somehow does not qualify for financial aid. I mean, I can comprehend it, but I just don’t know if it’s as widespread a problem as it is made out to be. Most of my friends don’t seem to fall under this category, but then again I suppose my friends aren’t exactly representative of the average demographic either.

With rising costs, however, and my intended career path not exactly being loaded with oodles of money, sometimes I fear it might become a very stark reality for me, as well. My friends sometimes joke about how rich I am (I’m not, really, I think we might be living beyond our means actually), but even if so, family wealth doesn’t last forever, does it? Sooner or later my nuclear family’s going to be supported solely by how much the breadwinners make, unless my dad happened to be Bill Gates or Sim Wong Hoo something.

In fact, just last night I dreamt that my dad scolded me quite fiercely for spending a few hundred dollars on my supp card. To be fair, I used to be quite trigger-happy with my spending on online purchases (charged to his account), but I’ve stopped all that already, and I think I’ve only charged a few train tickets to that card this year (because the GNER site doesn’t accept Solo). In the dream his business was doing really badly, so those costs were really painful to him.

Outside of dreamland, I wonder what the future brings. I still remember those days in the not-so-distant past, when I’d thought money didn’t mean very much, but I guess we all grow up sometime.


I’ll be arriving in Singapore on 1 July.

It’s still about a month off, but it seems so close now – and suddenly the feelings of homesickness start to appear out of nowhere. Realisations that these are people you haven’t seen for months, wondering how they’ve been, wondering how things have changed, wondering how they’ve stayed the same, just wondering.

Ok, so it’s actually all about the food. Oh Yummy Food, how I have missed thee! Not the crap here which they try to label similarly (‘food’), but actual. Hawker. Fare.

(Actually, to be fair, british roast is actually quite yummy too, but I think there’s only so much roast meat and potato you can take before you start craving something else.)

Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Rojak,etc… Oh my loves, you must wait for me!


It seems that I can never get anything done right.

Saying what you feel, telling the truth… It seems that what they say is right. It’s just digging your own grave.

Of course, it’ll be so much better if I don’t do anything to confess about in the first place, but I suppose that’s just asking for too much.

I whine too much.