SAF 7 Core Values

Loyalty to country
Fighting spirit
Care for soldiers

Trite propaganda, yes, but good values are still good values.

I am but a simple man.


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  1. -confused-shouldnt good leadership already include ‘care for soldiers’? and sholdnt professionalism entail the need for ethics?

  2. Of course not! What a silly child. You forget that this is the army we are talking about…=P

  3. huh? you tok what? Lim peh kali kong ah… knn during my time,army sibe xiong lah.. wa lau what care for sholdiers ah knn..the Lan Chiao Peng f*ck u upside down dun care you ah..knn..lim peh time ah all what core value dun need one..all you need hor is cover backside ey sai liao… -the old man

  4. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    ma and i laughed like mad when we read *the old man* she doesn’t understand…

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