Winter wonderland

So it started snowing today, more heavily than what I’d seen in London. It snowed in York during that period too, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen for myself York in its snow-covered glory, with the snow actually being thick enough to play in.

Ailin didn’t initially think the snow was thick enough to make snowmen with, but after some experimentation (aided with the knowledge that it was possible – I’d just seen some of the Brits making gigantic snowballs of their own), I managed to get a relatively large lump going…

Note to self – always wear gloves when handling snow. It seems remarkably commonsense now, but initially when handling it with bare hands it seemed quite possible to survive without them. Not so, however, and I soon went to fetch my gloves.

I think we got quite bored after building the snowman, so I went into my kitchen to fetch a knife. After some mindless Asian violence (think Battle Royale) and probably unnerving some of my Brit neighbours in the process, the snowman was no more.

The headless snowman remained as a testament of its amazing constitution and resistance to decapitation, however.

Not wanting to let our effort go to waste, we then converted the snowcorpse into snowman mk2, with brand new beady tomato eyes and an onion nose. Surprisingly cute, if I do say so myself. =P


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  1. on hindsight, it has occurred to me that our show of violence towards the snowman was not entirely natural. :X oh my. and you didn’t mention yiwen at all in your entry! tsk tsk.

  2. I really wonder how a snowman would stand up to sparklerfests. And spudguns. But jolly good show, all the same. Try using a baseball bat-like object for some blunt trauma fun. That’s always good for a few hours.

  3. hahahaha i like the knife best.

  4. Mrs Chatterley

    Hmm you naughty naughty boy, what are you doing to poor Frosty? You should have asked me to come along. My sizzling hotness will melt him in a second and let him die an orgasmic death…

  5. You sick @##$!#!@ LOL… But i liked the vid

  6. yah why never mention me

  7. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    … why kill snoman…naughty kor kor

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