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Ask a Ninja!

Ask a Ninja is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the web for the longest time.

Music video

I am amused. Here’s a music video shot in Singapore, I think it’s really quite good. Reminds me of my AV Club days. Not that we ever produced anything so pro.

(C’mon now, Bicycle Race can hardly compare =P)

Coin collector

I’ve recently taken to collecting coins.

I was just recently looking at all the interesting designs on the Euro coins and the British pound coins, when I decided that collecting them would be pretty cool. Especially after hearing Hari’s idea of collecting pins from various countries, and one day having a world map where he can stick the pins onto the countries he bought them from.

I thought that was quite a cool idea, and hey, if I had a coin of the basic currency unit (dollar, pound, etc) from all the countries I’d ever visited, I could actually do the same, can’t I?

This is an example of what I imagine it’ll look like, using Google Earth‘s representation of the British Isles.

(Yes, I know England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are technically all part of the United Kingdom, but it’s just quite cool collecting the coins with the corresponding designs anyway)

The problem now is to back-collect all those coins I’ve missed out on, like the US and Canada (Interestingly enough, my brother tells me that US dollar coins are quite rare, and for some reason the Americans don’t actually like using it, and try to get rid of it as soon as possible). Oh well. Hopefully my friends will be able to help me with that.

Apparently the Vatican City issued Euro coins with a ‘vacant seat‘ print in 2005. I must have one! Gosh. Think it’ll be dreadfully expensive, though. I think they’re minted in really small amounts, and not really in circulation. Sigh. Probably will never see a Vatican Euro ever, unless I fork out large amounts of money for it.

Racial divisions

Just had the most fascinating conversation. It all started when Lin was commenting irritatedly on how she had to keep explaining about how she was a Singaporean and a Chinese at the same time. Then I commented that well, to be fair, the English don’t really have this problem – no one really refers to themselves as an American English, or an Australian English, do they? Then someone replied that the English are not a race, they’re actually all Caucasian. But I thought that, well, in that case won’t the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese all be labelled the same thing as well? Thus followed a discussion trying to figure out what exactly race is.

So, how do you really define race? I still don’t really know – I suppose, all in all, skin colour is probably the #1 classifier. Aside from that, there are just so many things, I guess the problem is that we are trying to label what is ultimately probably just artificial divisions in the one same human species.

The wiki page on the issue is really long and comprehensive, and I haven’t read the whole thing yet because my brain broke halfway (incidentally, my brain has broken a lot today, particularly regarding the precise identity of the Malay people), but it brought up some really interesting points.

If the concept of races can be paralleled to the various subspecies of dogs, which have several distinct types which can all interbreed freely and are ultimately the same species, it is apparent that races are generally different groups of people who look relatively similar. And yet, therein lies the tricky implication – since different dog varieties actually have corresponding temperaments, indicating that personality characteristics can be inherited, what does that say about human personalities?

So many various lines of thought. My brain’s truly broken, now.

A little off the top

So I just had my hair cut. By myself. And with a little help from Yiwen, though I suppose he probably doesn’t want to be linked with the endeavour. And to be fair, I did most of the work.

Yes, it wasn’t a particularly good job, and I now have hair which vaguely resembles the SISPEC hairstyle, though somewhat longer. Oh well. It should get better in a week or so, I suppose.

Hypothetical politick

What happens if a Prime Minister fails to win his MP seat in elections?

God save the bears!

Aussie disrupts Queen’s Singapore visit. Will the hilarity never end?

More pictures here.

Equivalent exchange

So I’m ¬£50 poorer. Paid for a 3-month membership at the gym. I’m not really the gymming sort, but with tips from an SAF scholar here in York I’m sure I could learn the Way of the Jason. Or at the very least, return to my silver standard for IPPT.

Then again, considering I’ve polished off almost a whole box (375g) of Crunchy Nut Nutty in just a day, it might very well be that all I’ve succeeded in doing is preventing myself from turning into a jiggling mass.

Nabeh where U?

The unofficial Singaporean response to Australia’s “Where the bloody hell are you?” ad campaign.

I’m hoping that some bored Singaporeans will actually film a parody video using the very same slogan, but I guess that’s probably too much to be hoping for.