I'll shout it from the mountaintop

I’d like to say that I’ve found my personal saviour, but a part of me is afraid to totally commit. I’ve always been a coward in that way, but I guess it’s better to err on the side of caution.

It’s just a nice fuzzy feeling right now, with the knowledge that things have changed, that you’ve found what you were looking for, that everything’s going to be alright. It’s kinda like the feeling when you like someone and then you tell her and find out that she likes you too, and you just spend the next few hours basking in each other’s love.

And so now I’m just contemplating how amazing it is that I’ve suddenly accepted the Good News, when I’ve heard the exact same stuff before and never really took it seriously. And I know there are still a lot of doubts (some small, some big) hanging in the back of my head, but at this moment they don’t matter, and I’m sure I’ll be trying to tackle them in time to come, anyway.

(Gosh. They probably dope the food at that ‘Still Hungry’ course I’m attending.)


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  1. I’m glad that you’ve finally found your faith. It is always best when you search it out yourself, and find it. Its value is all the greater.:)So are you still Catholic, or a Protestant now?

  2. I still don’t believe in denominations, so you can say I’m neither. But I suppose I’m used to the traditionalish style of the Catholic service, so I’ll probably end up worshipping in a Catholic church ultimately, or maybe a less hippy Protestant one.I guess to me, at this point, it’s just not a very important question.

  3. gosh!! wow still hungry is working its magic on you huh! what did i miss ;P haha…

  4. hey it’s kinda interesting. share what happened?

  5. Hmm timing kinda coincides with my own little experience this past sunday. Was thinking about writing on my own space, until I stepped out of church and crashed back onto the real world. Hopefully the memories will be enough to sustain me throughout the week.Reading your post did raise my flagging spirits though. Take heart that if nothing else, you managed to brighten your bro’s day. =D

  6. i wonder why u/we are talking about IT like the-one-you-do-not-name. in many other ways, the one good thing about being lost, is that you know you are looking for something that to un-lose u. perhaps, we are all lost in someways – there simply is something unsettling about being un-lost, isnt it? or have i just been reading too much philo? =S

  7. don’t believe in denominations either *wink*SOUND biblical doctrine is what matters, wheyhey!

  8. yah denominations don’t matter.it’s just good that you’re finally found Him for yourself =)-amy

  9. woohoo praise God! :) and echoing enqi.. faithful bible teaching is the most important :D

  10. You (all) misunderstand. What I was after is something I now know I don’t really understand. Perhaps, one day, we can talk. I am a 22-year-old midget among younger giants.And yes. I suppose you might say it is quite unimportant at this point.

  11. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    I fell like blachan

  12. This is a very old posting, but I felt compelled to say CONGRATS anyway because this is a big thing and its wonderful news! :) God bless you!

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