I don’t much like Sainsbury’s oat cereal. It’s crumbly and doesn’t come in big enough clusters. Tesco’s is much better. but sometimes the timing isn’t right and you can only get Sainsbury’s. Thin, insubstantial flakes.

Methinks there’s a profound statement about life in this.



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  1. ! uh..sorry about the sains cereal…

  2. sometimes you need to have eaten insubstantial flakes before you’ll appreciate the better ones.. but since u are stuck with the sains one for now, just be patient and bear with it and u’ll be able to get the tesco’s one again..hm, what am i trying to say?i prefer sains’ muesli cereals..

  3. How does timing come into it?Anyway, Sain’s Fruit and Fibre’s the way forward!

  4. “life is an infinite contridiction of existence”- Me

  5. The man other than the man

    “Suffering is the point where we experience life and all its attachments.” – You

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