Them evil York girls. So tricksy. And I’m surrounded by them!


12:00:12 AM lost: she’s flying back JUST FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR~! O___O
12:00:14 AM s|aN_aRH: yah boy, think of the number of bubble tea cups she must sell
12:00:20 AM s|aN_aRH: haha yes she is
12:00:36 AM lost: oh my gosh!
12:00:36 AM s|aN_aRH: sick of missing out on the goodies for the fourth year running, maybe
12:00:53 AM s|aN_aRH: then again louis i’m sure she’s flying home on ur money
12:01:00 AM lost: WHAT!?
12:01:05 AM s|aN_aRH: think of the XXX number of times u’ve bought bubble tea from her
12:01:11 AM s|aN_aRH: in taka
12:01:14 AM lost: oh. crap.
12:01:26 AM lost: i buy bubble tea? O___O
12:07:27 AM lost: i can’t multitask! i’m just a man! ;___; i get derailed by your conversation about london geography!
12:08:26 AM lost: cheapo sounds good!
12:08:27 AM lost: : )
12:08:31 AM lost: am broke!
12:08:35 AM lost: york girls are evil!
12:08:39 AM lost: : OOOOO
12:08:40 AM s|aN_aRH: since he won’t be seeing us much from july onwards (or at least, me)
12:08:49 AM s|aN_aRH: louis isn’t talking like louis today
12:08:54 AM s|aN_aRH: OI U SURE U KOK WEE ANOT
12:09:09 AM lost: oh darn it. you noticed.
12:09:10 AM s|aN_aRH: tell me about evil york girls, i’ve got one in the room next to mine
12:09:36 AM lost: they keep sponging off me! the lot of them.
12:09:43 AM Huiyuan (R): yeah louis has too many exclamation marks and smiley faces
12:09:43 AM Huiyuan (R): haha
12:09:46 AM lost: and they demand, DEMAND, i cook for them.
12:09:50 AM s|aN_aRH: yah the smiley face is different
12:09:56 AM s|aN_aRH: usually he smiles like =p
12:09:59 AM s|aN_aRH: where got : )
12:10:01 AM s|aN_aRH: =D
12:10:13 AM Huiyuan (R): i’ve never seen this ===> : O O O O befre
12:10:31 AM lost: lol.
12:10:36 AM s|aN_aRH: HE DOESN’T LOL!
12:10:48 AM s|aN_aRH: u evil york girl, paws off the mac right now!

(Come to think of it, I have no idea who the ‘she’ mentioned at the start actually refers to. Oh well.)

Nice to know you’ve got friends who notice, though.


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  1. come on, ouxiang. i dont demand you cook for me! im ur no.1 fan remember??! =D

  2. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    … are you absoulutely mad???

  3. hahaha… that was ailin is it…

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