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PowerBook rebels redux

Same old, same old. This on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Grr. At least there’s a service centre in York, now.

Gonna try bug Apple to replace it. No idea if it’ll work, though. Who knows, maybe they’ll replace it with a MacBook Pro. And throw in a free iPod.

And maybe some Apple shares.

Or not.



I don’t much like Sainsbury’s oat cereal. It’s crumbly and doesn’t come in big enough clusters. Tesco’s is much better. but sometimes the timing isn’t right and you can only get Sainsbury’s. Thin, insubstantial flakes.

Methinks there’s a profound statement about life in this.



I really need to sit down and take the time to properly plan what I’m going to be doing for the next few weeks. It seems that most of my free time’s just going down the drain napping or watching videos.

Protected: The sound of a disgusted beast

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It’s just so vexing when the door slams shut in your face and you find yourself locked outside, and it hurts because you’d thought you had the key but it doesn’t work, and you just can’t do anything and don’t know what to do because the porter’s lodge doesn’t have a spare key either.



This is the day

Meaningless digits?

ITP: 68
SSP: 60

Both are in the second upper range, though the SSP score barely scrapes past, so I suppose it meets my personal minimum standard. Although since I’m ultimately aiming for a first (70 and above), it’s still somewhat disappointing. Particularly since I’d thought I’d submitted rather decent pieces of work for the SSP module.

It’s a good thing that term wasn’t counted toward the final mark, and I think I’ll need to work harder this term. Since it does count for about 9% of the final mark (2 x 4.5%).

Sigh. How positively depressing.

Phonic retardation

My textbook states that “Chinese and Japanese make no distinction between r and l” (Shaffer, 2002, p. 200).

This is mighty interesting to me because while it is true that native Orientals seem to mess up their syllables sometimes, these sounds do exist, at least in Mandarin. Like the characters 路 (lù) and 入 (rù) differ in pronunciation solely in this manner.

So, do Chinese really make no distinction between these two syllable sounds? (I must confess that I’ve not been listening closely to spoken English by native Chinese-speakers recently.)

If so, why?


Them evil York girls. So tricksy. And I’m surrounded by them!


12:00:12 AM lost: she’s flying back JUST FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR~! O___O
12:00:14 AM s|aN_aRH: yah boy, think of the number of bubble tea cups she must sell
12:00:20 AM s|aN_aRH: haha yes she is
12:00:36 AM lost: oh my gosh!
12:00:36 AM s|aN_aRH: sick of missing out on the goodies for the fourth year running, maybe
12:00:53 AM s|aN_aRH: then again louis i’m sure she’s flying home on ur money
12:01:00 AM lost: WHAT!?
12:01:05 AM s|aN_aRH: think of the XXX number of times u’ve bought bubble tea from her
12:01:11 AM s|aN_aRH: in taka
12:01:14 AM lost: oh. crap.
12:01:26 AM lost: i buy bubble tea? O___O
12:07:27 AM lost: i can’t multitask! i’m just a man! ;___; i get derailed by your conversation about london geography!
12:08:26 AM lost: cheapo sounds good!
12:08:27 AM lost: : )
12:08:31 AM lost: am broke!
12:08:35 AM lost: york girls are evil!
12:08:39 AM lost: : OOOOO
12:08:40 AM s|aN_aRH: since he won’t be seeing us much from july onwards (or at least, me)
12:08:49 AM s|aN_aRH: louis isn’t talking like louis today
12:08:54 AM s|aN_aRH: OI U SURE U KOK WEE ANOT
12:09:09 AM lost: oh darn it. you noticed.
12:09:10 AM s|aN_aRH: tell me about evil york girls, i’ve got one in the room next to mine
12:09:36 AM lost: they keep sponging off me! the lot of them.
12:09:43 AM Huiyuan (R): yeah louis has too many exclamation marks and smiley faces
12:09:43 AM Huiyuan (R): haha
12:09:46 AM lost: and they demand, DEMAND, i cook for them.
12:09:50 AM s|aN_aRH: yah the smiley face is different
12:09:56 AM s|aN_aRH: usually he smiles like =p
12:09:59 AM s|aN_aRH: where got : )
12:10:01 AM s|aN_aRH: =D
12:10:13 AM Huiyuan (R): i’ve never seen this ===> : O O O O befre
12:10:31 AM lost: lol.
12:10:36 AM s|aN_aRH: HE DOESN’T LOL!
12:10:48 AM s|aN_aRH: u evil york girl, paws off the mac right now!

(Come to think of it, I have no idea who the ‘she’ mentioned at the start actually refers to. Oh well.)

Nice to know you’ve got friends who notice, though.