Cracking the case

Cryptography is such a fine art, I highly recommend against it unless you really know what you’re doing. Otherwise you might just land yourself (and other nosey code-breakers) into a really big mess.

So I’d somehow found myself with a hand of cards without even knowing I was playing the game, and tried for a bluff without even being fully aware of who else was playing. Thankfully it’s turned out alright for now, though that move was quite simply a recipe for disaster.

I still haven’t figured exactly the other player’s hand yet, nor have I fully understood the cards in my own, but I’m quite confident that when the time finally comes to ‘show hand’, the losses (if any) won’t be as great as I’d feared previously.


In other news, I missed the Guy Fawkes celebrations which I was initially really interested in, but when the head’s telling you that you really should observe this quaint display of foreign culture and your heart’s telling you to go for free dinner…

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta follow your heart.


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  1. pardon me, but.. huh?

  2. why do i have a feeling i somehow know what u’re talking about.even if i’m wrong. i don’t agree with the follow ur heart bit.

  3. haha… this is so classic! men are thick. =)well, i figured that there’s always next year for guy fawkes, so…

  4. hm, I have no idea what you are talking abt but I don’t think I supposed to either..anyway, we shld all go for guy fawkes next yr! or at least buy our own fireworks…

  5. we should! singsoc comm should do something. oh wait. that’s us! er… doh!

  6. damn. u had me re-reading this entry of urs again.and i think i know what’s it about again! hahahahatell tell tell tell tell tell tell- yan

  7. why not just sit back and let the hand play itself out? haha

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