Pride and Prejudice

I can be such an elitist.

Earlier I’d gone for this Psychology social but was feeling quite tired so ended up hanging around a small group of Asians somehow. With people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan speaking in their weird (to me) accents, I just wasn’t very comfortable somehow.

It’s like I actually look down on them for their ‘poor speech’. But later I thought about it awhile and decided, who am I to judge, when the locals probably think the same about my Singaporean accent?

As though to illustrate this point, when I got back home (nearly ten) I saw a couple of housemates having dinner. “Late dinner, huh?” I asked, pointing at one of their dishes. The owner of that dish looked quite offended and replied, “Yeah, fish and cheese fries, why?”

I was rather confused for awhile (had I made a cultural boo-boo by gesturing at his food or something?) when another housemate helped clarify the issue – I’d said late dinner, not lame dinner. The offended party relaxed almost immediately.


Posted on October 21, 2005, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. well people tell me that if you adopt the local accent, locals find it easier to understand you, don’t ask me why. but you’re not really having serious problems so i guess it isn’t important.just be sure not to make the same mistake in the presence of beefy strangers who would like nothing better than a punch-up. haha.

  2. oh no!!! tt sounds terrible!!! tsk. poor u. haha never mind just pick up their accent lor. lucky u got off unscathed. hee.

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