WTF is this York place anyway?

So I leave for the UK today. I’ve not finished packing, and am somewhat worried about that, but otherwise I’m rather numb to the whole thing already. I guess it’s just that I’ve been waiting too long for this day.

When I tell people that I’m headed to the University of York for my degree, the usual reaction is a blank stare. Worse still is the response, “York University, isn’t that in Canada?”


The truth is, just a few years ago I’d have been one of those vacant-eyed zombies myself, since I’d never heard of York prior to university applications either.

So where exactly is York? A quick look at the Lonely Planet map of England shows its geographical location – somewhere in the mid-eastern part of Britain. Beyond superficial details such as this, well truthfully I know very little about the place. Aside from the general pace of life and… stuff like that.

But I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough, huh?

I’ve been checking out the map of the campus and this less-than-pretty college map and unless i’ve got my bearings wrong, I think I’ve located my future accomodation.

It’s like, located right beside the Psychology department! That makes me rather happy, with visions of waking up 5min before lessons start. Fine, maybe 10min’s a more realistic dream. But anyway, it’s got a pretty good location, relatively central, next to the lake (which might be bad from the stories I’ve heard regarding bird droppings), near the sports centre… Yay.

Eight more days before I actually get there though, first up is my London mini-vacation. For one whole week I shall be sponging off others and (hopefully) just enjoying myself before heading north to embark on my studies.

Brr. Studies. For almost three years I’ve been waiting for this, and yet when it finally approaches, there is this feeling of trepidation. Ironic, isn’t it?


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  1. hi lou! -waves-i think my friends/relatives still have no clue where york is too haha. hope your friend likes the piggy biscuit, and well, are you really putting up in an all girl bunk now? lol, enjoy!

  2. haha the first thing i noticed on your map was ‘stables’.

  3. can’t wait for my turn to sponge off u too. hahaha. good luck with your pyschology studies! Damn, you started after me but gonna end first with a degree! Grrr …

  4. i’ve got photos of york. shall i spoil it for u? hahahaha. and oh yar, it looks quite boring.. congrats! *evil laughter*

  5. happy birthday!

  6. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    KOr!this is Qi Qi!Remember to bid me happyy birthday on mon!We last time when you going to leave that time celebrate your bithday(before your actual birthday because you will be in york)but put it on another small tiny mr bean cakee (as in the shops where they put the sign Mr Bean)orelse it will wreak the actual one!Dun forget…That my birthday is on science exam and I am the science moniter of the class!and people who dun know me…My name is rachel and i’m pri three.first year of science…

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