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trust the local blogosphere to go all ballistic about yet another blogging-related controversy.

i was gonna comment on it but i think there’re enough opinions on them out on the net. there was one thing i was thinking, though. these teachers have way too much time on their hands, if they’re stalking students’ blogs like that! i mean, i’ve done my share of blog-stalking (ah crap the image is down, oh well) but i was a relief! full-time teachers are supposed to be bogged with work from all over! or something like that.

that said, i took any criticism i got as that – criticism, and strove to improve myself based on what i’d heard.

the pound’s depreciated against the sg dollar recently, and the rate’s actually gone down about 0.05 since the day i got my bank draft. which means i lost about S$250 just like that. but oh well, life’s like that. i guess. i mean the rate was starting to go up when i scurried to get my money changed! sigh. luckily (or not) i still need to change some cash too.

packing is on it’s way now (finally huh?), starting to clear out my room a little at the same time. see the pile at the top near the suitcase? that’s the stuff to pack (so far). see the bigger pile beside my bed? that’s the pile of junk to dump. yeah i’m clearing my room at the same time, my sis is likely to inherit it when i’m gone. crap. wonder where i’d be sleeping when i come back. lately there have been talks of selling the house, so who knows, i might not be seeing this ol’ room of mine ever again.

things change, but life goes on.


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  1. why don’t u create a tagboard. or a chatterbox u gay.

  2. because it takes longer to load, i probably won’t monitor it anyway, and my blog is not a chatroom.plus, i’m just too lazy to go and find out how to do it.

  3. A Girl Of So Little Words...

    hallo!bye bye!

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