one week

in exactly seven days i’ll be on a plane hurtling off toward GMT. assuming there’re no delays, anyway, but what’re the chances of that happening?

so anyway, people have been asking what i’m up to for this last week. the answer is – nothing, really. disappointing, huh? but yeah that’s the way it is. generally my afternoons have been slated for packing (yup i haven’t started packing! who’s surprised, now?) and getting an itinerary for my one-week vacation in london.

mostly because all my friends still in sg are too busy to meet up for much during the afternoons, actually. it’s become somewhat boring over here in sg, waiting for school to start. i’m actually kinda relieved to be flying soon, while at the same time, getting rather nervous about it.

and at night i’d be like just meeting various people and saying my goodbyes. and stuff like that.

but i’ve never really been one for that. so probably we’ll just meet for dinner, talk some rubbish, and go our separate ways.

and now i’ve got a backlog of email to clear. sometimes being the king of procrastination is a really tough job.


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