mr midnight

so i was at popular bookstore yesterday and walked by some horror stories on display at the young readers section. i thought it was RL Stine at first, then i was thinking eh those kids on the cover look really singaporean somehow.

then i suddenly realised that the author wasn’t RL Stine after all, but James Lee! looking at the various books they have in the series, i was really very amused.

i mean, a possessed handphone? gosh. this could only be the work of a singaporean mind.


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  1. yea. my tuition kids read mr midnight. they’ve even told my stories from there before. not scary one.

  2. haha oh no. sounds horribly urbanised. and cheesy too. gimme RL Stine anyday… =P

  3. i still remember those bookworm books… weren’t they singaporean too? whatever happened to them?

  4. i THINK bookworm’s still around, but having not seen any of their books around for quite a long while, i can’t be sure about that.

  5. I like Mr Midnight but my mother say no use lah

  6. i love any interesting horror book….

  7. I just love mr midnight. it’s awesome!

  8. mr midnight is the best horror story in the world

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