the hunt for red tea longan

my first encounter with red tea longan dessert (红茶龙眼) was during the recent leadership camp i was involved in, when weiyi brought it over on our second night for supper. it might have been because i was dead tired and starving from the horrible camp food, but i really liked it. essentially it’s red tea jelly with milk and longan. in ice, of course.

so today after sending allan off, a bunch of us went back to changi v to have a taste of it again. since none of us (three people who were there) had ever actually bought it before, we ended up buying it from both dessert stalls in the centre aisle.

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Jim Fook (lousy picture of the stall, but i was lazy to move my ass closer) offerred a bandung-ish version, with more longans and the jelly having a stronger tea taste. better value for money, so to speak, but i found that the bandung-ishness got a little overwhelming after awhile.

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Mei Lin, conversely, had less longan and the tea taste wasn’t as strong, but the milk tasted more pleasant… really milky and faintly of strawberry. maybe it’s just a fruit + milk thing, but yeah. no rose syrup taste.

i liked Mei Lin’s version better, but that’s probably because i’m a milk-lover. incidentally, that’s the one weiyi’d bought that night. but for some reason i didn’t enjoy it quite as much as i had on that first night… was it that i wasn’t as hungry, or was today’s batch not quite as nice? i’ll probably never know. oh well.


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