i ♡ ebay

it all started as a way to lessen my unused belongings before going overseas, but today the sales of some of my higher-value stuff has really netted me quite a bit of moola.

i don’t remember how much exactly i’d spent, but the first item probably cost me less than S$500, the second less than S$50. more than 50% profit! even after subtracting miscellaneous fees (like shipping… that was a bitch!), that’s quite a bit. so happy. haha. wasn’t really expecting so much from the reissues.

and now there’s almost enough money to get the Canon PowerShot S80! yay. i’d probably be getting that camera if reviews are good.

(it seems that money makes me happy. why the heck am i planning to be a civil servant? =p)


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  1. get a tagboard. i can’t tag easily.

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