18th, we hardly knew ye

so i was recce-ing my stuff to get a rough idea of the daunting packing job i have ahead of me.

and i came across this treasure trove of miscellaneous memorabilia and assorted rubbish (yeah they’re mixed together) i horde and guess what i should find?

this photograph of the various banners my batch had done during our council term! funny that it should invoke such a wave of nostalgia in me though, since i was hardly involved in banner painting. mainly because my art is so sucky that were i to join in, i would actually delay the completion of the project (negative marginal utility?). but i did help with like painting the white foundation paint and stuff lah. haha.

in fact the exco had jigsaw-ified the photo and distributed pieces to each and every one of us. i still have my pieces, actually, it’s kept in a booklet together with the photo.

so the plan was for us to meet up again sometime in the not-so-near future and reassemble the pieces and catch up and, well, just stuff like that. (what’s the date of reunion anyway? i don’t even remember. which year? 2012? hmm. oops)

the pessimist in me doesn’t foresee this mass reunion taking place, though. i’d be surprised to see even half of the council reassembled. which probably wouldn’t have been my attitude then, when we were still high from all our common experiences and everything. but, well, stuff happens, i guess.

not a particularly representative photo, but one of the best there is =P

some cliques still remain, and probably the largest one would be the group of guys i still keep in contact with. it’s a really small group though, and the surprise for me was how some faces we’d grown so used to seeing simply… faded away.

ultimately i suppose we were just a group of colleagues, albeit a (relatively) close-knit one. in bruce tuckman’s team-development model, i daresay we’d hit the performing stage. well, at least for awhile lah. it’s probably debatable, but aiyah close enough lah, i feel.

(and now that i actually go about reading the page i’d linked to, i find out there’s actually a fifth stage in the revised model – adjourning. haha how appropriate)

and so now, we’ve adjourned and moved on. i just wonder if i’d ever have the luck to work in another ‘performing’ team ever again, or to meet more friends who’d actually last through the adjourning stage.


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