student socs

was looking at the list of student societies in york to join. seems like there’s some interesting stuff available, which is just as well because there might not be much else to do there anyway =P

so here’s the stuff i’m considering. seems to be too much, though. oh well. the standard jc style of join-now-quit-later will probably apply, then.

Comedy Society
there’s not much information about it there, so i don’t really know what it’s about. but if it’s like people who do improv like whose line, it’s probably way out of my league. but fun to watch nonetheless. (i hope the ‘comedy’ here is like haha comedy and not drama comedy)

Drama Soc
i’ve always been interested in drama, but never could invest the time/effort into it. in fact i’d joined drama in jc but quit in the end cos the timing clashed with guitar. oh well. maybe this time?

Finance Society
money! money! money! ok lah not exactly my interest but i think i can learn useful skills from here.

Outdoor Society
lots of walks! apparently. usually i wouldn’t be interested in such things, but it’s the countryside! nice scenery, right? photo opportunities? i dunno lah. try new things mah.

Photo Soc
another club with very little info on it. presumably it’s like photog society? hopefully with at least one or two experienced ppl to learn from. see how lor. (sucky website. incomplete? maybe that’s why it wasn’t listed)

Psychology Society
i’ve no idea what they do, but maybe it’d be useful to enhance my knowledge of what i’m studying. i guess.

Singapore Society
automatic membership anyway. but maybe i’d try for exco. unless i really hate the singaporeans. haha. but they seem nice enough so far. for the most part. (another sucky website, btw =P yep it’s probably why the sites aren’t listed)


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  1. emily soon!!! that’s my good friend’s good friend!!

  2. arghhh louis tan!!! u said my beloved weilian cant sing!!!! *horrified* there goes our yrs of friendship…. *regrets* haha but aiyah it depends on which song u heard him singing… he didnt perform well in the f vs m finals lah, but he did really well in the m vs m finals!! anyway… i am happy tt he won superstar woohoo! so mebbe i wont treat u to dragon palms after all ahah =P

  3. hullo! i just chked out the socs too, think the sch mag/newsletter and athletic union sounds pretty good! oh yes and of course comedy soc hahaha, why dont they have a techie soc of sorts, then we could enlist help of some tech whiz there to somehoww break the firewall…or they should have a mp3-cum-tv drama soc, where people gather to watch the latest eps of gilmore girls or lost :X

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