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2k early 21st

unexpected cake. blogging mecha. messenger bag. erect candle. unskilled cake-cutting. quarter cake. that’s a lot of cake. punchbag bob. knock out. nostril shots. crotch shots. mad shots. mad antics. madmen.

it’s been seven years since we were last in the same class, but sometimes it seems that gap of time becomes non-existent with a snap of the finger.

so we’re all grown up now (well, almost!), and life’s a bitch. it’s good to know that there’re still places you can escape to, when you want it.

(i’m now imagining a group of 70-year-olds posing for a nostril shot)


misc ramblings

trust the local blogosphere to go all ballistic about yet another blogging-related controversy.

i was gonna comment on it but i think there’re enough opinions on them out on the net. there was one thing i was thinking, though. these teachers have way too much time on their hands, if they’re stalking students’ blogs like that! i mean, i’ve done my share of blog-stalking (ah crap the image is down, oh well) but i was a relief! full-time teachers are supposed to be bogged with work from all over! or something like that.

that said, i took any criticism i got as that – criticism, and strove to improve myself based on what i’d heard.

the pound’s depreciated against the sg dollar recently, and the rate’s actually gone down about 0.05 since the day i got my bank draft. which means i lost about S$250 just like that. but oh well, life’s like that. i guess. i mean the rate was starting to go up when i scurried to get my money changed! sigh. luckily (or not) i still need to change some cash too.

packing is on it’s way now (finally huh?), starting to clear out my room a little at the same time. see the pile at the top near the suitcase? that’s the stuff to pack (so far). see the bigger pile beside my bed? that’s the pile of junk to dump. yeah i’m clearing my room at the same time, my sis is likely to inherit it when i’m gone. crap. wonder where i’d be sleeping when i come back. lately there have been talks of selling the house, so who knows, i might not be seeing this ol’ room of mine ever again.

things change, but life goes on.

one week

in exactly seven days i’ll be on a plane hurtling off toward GMT. assuming there’re no delays, anyway, but what’re the chances of that happening?

so anyway, people have been asking what i’m up to for this last week. the answer is – nothing, really. disappointing, huh? but yeah that’s the way it is. generally my afternoons have been slated for packing (yup i haven’t started packing! who’s surprised, now?) and getting an itinerary for my one-week vacation in london.

mostly because all my friends still in sg are too busy to meet up for much during the afternoons, actually. it’s become somewhat boring over here in sg, waiting for school to start. i’m actually kinda relieved to be flying soon, while at the same time, getting rather nervous about it.

and at night i’d be like just meeting various people and saying my goodbyes. and stuff like that.

but i’ve never really been one for that. so probably we’ll just meet for dinner, talk some rubbish, and go our separate ways.

and now i’ve got a backlog of email to clear. sometimes being the king of procrastination is a really tough job.

funny ad

i was listening to the radio recently and here’s an ad i heard. think for some savings fund thing, the post office is involved somehow.

(paraphrased because i lack a perfect memory)

“dad, i’ve decided what i want to do at university!”

-beep beep beep kaching!-
(sound of cashier being pressed and used)

“i want to do biochemistry,” blahblahblah, “don’t worry it’s only 4 years!”

-chee chee chee-
(sound of receipt being printed)

blahblahblah “after that i can even do my masters!”

-chee chee chee-
(sound of receipt being printed)

something like that. i can’t remember exactly.

now, it’d be funnier if only it weren’t such a real problem.

mr midnight

so i was at popular bookstore yesterday and walked by some horror stories on display at the young readers section. i thought it was RL Stine at first, then i was thinking eh those kids on the cover look really singaporean somehow.

then i suddenly realised that the author wasn’t RL Stine after all, but James Lee! looking at the various books they have in the series, i was really very amused.

i mean, a possessed handphone? gosh. this could only be the work of a singaporean mind.

breezy breezy night

woke to aircon. it felt so good i just lay there staring into nothingness for some time. then i got up, stared at the aircon, and realised that it wasn’t on.

praise god for airconny evenings in stuffy ol’ singapore.

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that's the way the cookie crumbles

i think big groups
cannot sustain
it’s like jenga
the sticks rely on each other
pull out a few
then piak piak piak liao

piak piak already sometimes still got base there lah
but the rest still piak piak already

(actually i dun play jenga a lot just crapping)

by lost – 11, 200905

the hunt for red tea longan

my first encounter with red tea longan dessert (红茶龙眼) was during the recent leadership camp i was involved in, when weiyi brought it over on our second night for supper. it might have been because i was dead tired and starving from the horrible camp food, but i really liked it. essentially it’s red tea jelly with milk and longan. in ice, of course.

so today after sending allan off, a bunch of us went back to changi v to have a taste of it again. since none of us (three people who were there) had ever actually bought it before, we ended up buying it from both dessert stalls in the centre aisle.

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Jim Fook (lousy picture of the stall, but i was lazy to move my ass closer) offerred a bandung-ish version, with more longans and the jelly having a stronger tea taste. better value for money, so to speak, but i found that the bandung-ishness got a little overwhelming after awhile.

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Mei Lin, conversely, had less longan and the tea taste wasn’t as strong, but the milk tasted more pleasant… really milky and faintly of strawberry. maybe it’s just a fruit + milk thing, but yeah. no rose syrup taste.

i liked Mei Lin’s version better, but that’s probably because i’m a milk-lover. incidentally, that’s the one weiyi’d bought that night. but for some reason i didn’t enjoy it quite as much as i had on that first night… was it that i wasn’t as hungry, or was today’s batch not quite as nice? i’ll probably never know. oh well.

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