ns links

and then i decided i should make this post like a tribute to my ns life (FAREWELL FULL TIME NS DIE DIE DIE! byebye. now only left 10 years of reservist to clear. sigh) so i went back did a bit of searching and found some related posts made throughout my ns time. there are others, but these kinda form the basic skeleton of my ns memories, i guess.

5-day PES E induction @ tekong
cmpb posting
early mindef impressions
office (clerk) culture
first (time-based) promotion
bored at work
changing boss
PASOLS @ marina mandarin
kena upgraded
wanna go ocs
the new boss
considering signing on
high-level office politics
leaving mindef

first bmt bookout
ippt pass! disrupt for 2 days
bmt field camp
bmt thoughts
end of bmt

the new posting
sispec starts
specialists’ creed
the lonely island


slack SI life
satisfied with slack SI life
starting the job
kena extra

clear leave loh!
ord loh!


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