on instant messaging

i have about a hundred contacts on msn now, and i talk to less than 15% of them. this is kinda like my contact list status back when i was on icq, back before the great icq-msn migration. so when i was switching programs, i’d actually tried to ensure i only added contacts i actually talked to.

so for most of jc i was actually on a happy 20+ contacts on msn. i didn’t see people online 24/7, but when i did see someone online it was probably someone i’d actually talk to.

but along the way people kept adding me even if we didn’t really know each other so somehow my antisocial shell was penetrated. so i thought, oh well, i might as well just add lor, and now after meeting quite a few people over the past few months, i’ve got about a hundred contacts.

so am i talking to any of the people i’ve added recently? surprisingly enough (to me), yes. not that many (compared to the number i’ve actually added), but still. yes. and i’ve figured out that there’s actually no real cost involved in having dozens of contacts you don’t talk to (since you can safely ignore their existence for the most part), and they’re actually useful in case you ever do want to talk to them, so yeah.

if an irritatingly large list is the price you pay for new people to converse with, then. well. so be it.


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