about… some guy

today i went to send zhengyi off. i still dunno why i went – most of the time i’d felt like i was crashing some party, uninvited.

(probably it was because i’d said i was going to, some days back, and today when my alarm rang at 5am and i felt like sleeping summore, i was honour-bound to go)

but seriously, well i’m not the type to go send people i’m not close to off. like when councillors i wasn’t close to were leaving and people wanted to send them off, i’d decline to ‘join in the fun’ because i thought it was rather pointless.

so this guy, who’d added me to msn (or was it icq?) some time back for no better reason than having a common (close) friend. this complete stranger who was browsing my (livejournal?) in a time when i wasn’t comfortable with the idea of people i didn’t know doing so. this loudmouth who irritated anti-social me with his antics.

i sent this guy off. why? i dunno. i guess it’s just… uhh. fate? haha.

over the months he’d evolved from an irritant to just ‘some other guy on my msn’. someone i’d actually willingly talk to every now and then. and then this year our paths crossed again, quite a few times. meiling’s birthday, all the MOE sessions…

i guess i’ve actually grown to like this loudmouth stranger. i’m still not very close to him (and quite probably never will be), but… well.

like that lor.

i’m actually not very good with words, sometimes.


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