i just had a one-on-one scrabble game with my p3 sister earlier. we managed to mostly clear the tiles (leaving about 4 each on our rack), which was quite surprising since i think her english is terrible.

i helped her out now and then when she was stuck, but overall she did a pretty okay game, not killing everything with 3-letter words and stuff. i can’t recall exactly what words were put into play, but yeah some of them impressed me.

actually, i’d wanted to photograph the final scrabble board, but just as i was about to go grab the digicam, she started clearing the pieces.


perhaps somewhere in china, someone heard my cry of dismay. yeah i was actually quite upset because i felt rather proud of our combined achievement and wanted a picture of it for memory’s sake.

(don’t let her know that, her head will just puff up)

well, at least i know she likes to tidy up (sometimes). maybe next time i can get her to tidy my room or something.

oh well. there’d be other photo opportunities. i’d probably play with her again sometime since we’re both bored at home sometimes and i think it’s good for her english.

plus, it’s kinda ego-boosting to be able to double your opponent’s score =P


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  1. i bet she’ll end up thrashing u if u’ll play often enuff. my brother n sister used to bully me at boggle but they got a shock when beforelong i started beating them. ha!

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