on rocking

i’ve got friends who had their own bands, heard like zillions of them during my school years (mostly bad), even jammed a little (really long ago though), so i have a very rough idea of what i’m talking about.

i think that in general, unless you’re really damn zai, avoid doing a cover of someone else’s song. especially a recent one. even if you’re halfway decent, it’d probably end up being compared against the original, and usually the original wins.

case in point – Je Suis Rock Band’s cover of You’re Beautiful (James Blunt)

it’s not bad actually, especially the first guy’s voice, but when i’ve been listening to james blunt’s version (which, by the way, i really like) recently, it just doesn’t appeal. you dig?

consider this original piece, halitosister. with nothing to compare it to, it just comes across as… pretty funny, pretty good, yeah. overall it’s a more positive feel, don’t you think?


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  1. *ah-hem* ideal *ah-hem* guy *ah-hem* rocks (pun intended)but aiyah seems to be taking his whole u’re beautiful song thing quite lightly, he was making jokes abt it and all, wasn’t he. so i think he’s very ok with pple thinking that its bad and making comparisons etc, coz he proby is aware of its lack of standards too.and pple with their own bands always do cover versions one mah. so thats when we know a band is good – when their cover versions can match up to the original version or when we actually like their cover version BETTER than the original (tho it seldom happens)wow longest comment yet.

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