Trials & Tribulations of an Unwanted Pregnancy

The father (?) replies…

TristeFemme reply to ‘father’

i’ve taken down the original/cached link since it appears that publicity was never intended for this incident. maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but i think i should avoid being anal and just do my part to tone down on the publicity. and i must confess to being somewhat ashamed i’ve been a part of all this kaypohness. but, aiyah, juicy story mah. bleah.

my original comments remain below, to remind myself how quickly i can jump to conclusions, and how i should really avoid doing that.

the story tears at the heartstrings, doesn’t it? that’s what i thought initially, until i’d realised everything’s coming from one person’s perspective. i think this was pretty well-analysed here.

so, who do we blame here? the guy? the girl? while i definitely disapprove of what the guy’s done, i’m not sure we have enough information here to really judge anything. after all, they’re both old enough (presumably) to know what they’re doing.

all i can say is, poor kid (assuming no abortion in the end). it’s tough enough coming from a broken family, let alone one in which one parent totally ignores your existence.

p.s. when i was reading the first entry i was getting curious who this scummy fellow vj alumnus was. then as i read the more recent entries i realised just how much information she’s leaked out. i think the identity of the ‘villain’ is now pretty easy to ascertain for anyone who’s determined enough to do so.

doesn’t it all sound a little vindicative to you?


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