a legal protest?

Rare protest in Singapore

News Flash: Police send it riot squad to deal with 4 protesters

Who Says Singaporeans Aren’t Creative?

having just read about the heathrow airport strikes, i could see some value in having anti-dissent laws. but in a country where the laws are seen to be exceedingly strict, it’s refreshing to see something like this happen.

and apparently within the confines of the law, too! it’s almost funny, really. wonder what will happen to them in the end.

but what do i know? until very recently i’ve always been a politically apathetic animal. trying to learn more, but it’s really confusing given that there’s just so much to read. i probably should consult my MPP brother, but he never teaches me anything… -heartbroken sob-

(unless i actually open my mouth and ask him. so troublesome!)

read about Hock Kee House last night. that was like, wow. sucks for the residents. will i ever be made to give up my residence for indecently low prices? as i recall, it’s within the confines of singapore law, too. the spirit of it is all very well and good (public above self you selfish pig! vacate NOW!), but at least give proper compensation and advance notice, right? don’t think it’s the first time, either – i seem to recall reading about such cases before.


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