more digicamery

i just HAD to look at more digicams online and now there are two more on the candidate list, both with 28mm (wide-angle) lenses.

one’s not even out yet – the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1. fwoah. it looks really really good. i want! but it looks really really expensive as well. and still kinda untested, so i’d probably wait and see how it’s reviewed when it does come out.

the other – the Canon PowerShot S70 – is kinda an upgrade of my s45, with higher resolution, upgraded design and the wide-angle lens. basically it’s taking what i have and adding stuff to it. and the model being more than a year old already, should be pretty affordable (if i can still find it)… but that also means a new version will probably be out soon? sigh.

oh well. guess i’d wait to see what the LX1 is like before jumping in. that cam’s really up there on my feature wishlist (small, manual controls, pop-up flash, wide-angle, good movie mode (it can video widescreen!), anti-shake, the list goes on) so if it’s good, i’m willing to go beyond my initial budget for it.

there goes all my relief teaching money.


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