yesterday i was at marina south looking at the fireworks. and trying to photograph them. i took like 30+ shots and at the end of the day ended up with only one i deem decent.

it’s not perfect, either… wish i’d managed to snap the whole thing. part of the fireworks is off the image… sigh.

anyway after snapping away feverishly and playing with kenny’s tripod, i suddenly feel like taking up photography as a hobby. and since i was interested in looking for a new digicam anyway…

so i saw the Canon PowerShot S2 IS. fwoah. 12x optical zoom, 640×480 30fps stereo movies, image stabiliser, wow this camera is fantastic. too bad it’s just beyond my budget.

the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 looks like a decently-priced alternative… with a smaller size and at 60% the weight, yeah it sounds pretty good. lousier videos though but i don’t see that as a big loss.

considering that i was leaning toward the Casio Exilim EX-750 (kenny’s camera model) before this, and seeing as how they’re similarly-priced, yeah i’m really considering that Panasonic now.

looking at the side-by-side comparison, it’s mainly a choice between the price, the features, or the size.


maybe i’d just end up getting some cheapo model lah. no idea how long this interest in photography’s gonna last anyway.


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