the application of first aid

yesterday while jogging at ecp i saw some guy suffering from what i suspect was heatstroke. there were two guys with him (army guys i guess? though they weren’t wearing which indicated that), trying (with difficulty) to carry him off to to medical attention.

i stopped, stared for a short while, then asked if they needed help. yes of course they needed help, so help i did. i didn’t do much – just carried the guy’s water bottle and helped carry his legs. after awhile a whole swarm of guys came in and so since they didn’t need me anymore, i carried on with my jog.

it was only awhile later that i’d realised that if they didn’t have a medic nearby and first aid was actually required, i probably wouldn’t have known what to do. certified i may be, but i’m still severely lacking in experience.

in other words, i’m theoretically a qualified first-aider but i seriously think i’m useless in practice.

what a weird status.


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  1. it’s not weird, it’s actually quite normal. which is why these first-aid courses are actually quite useless. they’re just for u to get a nice looking cert or wateva.

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