pagoda street

so i caught pagoda street at the esplanade today. it wasn’t very good, but ok lah. quite entertaining. first play i’ve watched in – how long? maybe i should watch more. preferably nicer stuff.

but i guess i shouldn’t complain. after all, i got discounted rates as a ucl freshman.

(for those of you who know i’m going york and are going huh!??! yes i cheated. a ucl-bound friend got tickets for a whole bunch of us, so there you go.)

peiying (one of meiling’s friends) was helping out there and i totally didn’t recognise her. i think she still looks the same, it’s just that i’d only met her once before and i’m really bad with faces so… yeah. anyway, so she started talking to me and at that time i’d thought it was pretty weird for a stranger to do so, so i wasn’t really friendly.

so later i left the scene and then i remembered who she was and felt really bad cos i remember quite liking her that one time we’d met. so. oh well. haha just added her to msn. haha the weirdest things motivate me.

just to end on a really irrelevant note. does anyone remember snuffy from sesame street? apparently he used to be an ‘imaginary friend’ for big bird. imagine that! (hrr hrr so punny) when i was watching the show he was already an established ‘real character’. it’s just… amusing, somehow.


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  1. oh mi goodness… i forgot tt i wanted to watch that until i just read two blogs which mentioned it! bah.amy

  2. I totally missed the Snuffy becomes real stage… for me Snuffy was always Big Bird’s imaginary friend. If I recall correctly they decided to make him real because of some concerns about sexual abuse of children – it wouldn’t do to have a childlike character like Big Bird constantly not being believed by adults.

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