emails that make your day

i’ve been having a lot more email than usual lately, and nicely enough, today i received 3 that improved my mood greatly.

hey for what it’s worth, i think you did a really great behind-the-scenes job louis. honestly, the soundclips were perfect, you downloaded two clips for us to choose from for the superheroes, and the soundclips were really what made the whole production stage-able.

you know when people give you the suan-ing and all, usually it is because they are
(1) oblivious to how much work you are actually doing – which means, sometimes, you gota outwardly complain abit to warrant the deserved recognition;
(2) know that you are a fun guy who takes suaning easily – which means, sometimes, you gota outwardly defend yourself, complain abit, to warrant the deserved recognition.

there were other people who were also uncredited for alot of work put in. i thought tim was one of them. you know he did the cropping of the photos and the assembling of pics for the whole tspc ceremony. as in, local as well as overseas scholars. esther and selina roped him in and he had to spend like overnight doing it. and i think alot of us dont even know that.

i was expecting the entry 2 nights ago to be a blog-and-forget thing (bygones indeed, zhengyi) (ohmigosh i just mentioned your name again), but it’s nice to know someone actually took the trouble to reply to it. thanks man.

(and yeah tim sure did a lot, i noticed him cropping stuff during our induction. wow that project sure lasted awhile.)

haha..i din attend the chem in chem S which was just after the chem R(at least for the first session)..haha..and my fren said that you were quite cute(im innocent k) i caught a glance of comments! hehe..but at least you know u caught some girl’s

apparently mrs chan (vj principal) read my name out during assembly that day (with regard to moe scholarship for psychology) so someone wanted to find out more and along the way asked if i was the tutor for chem r.

and so it led to this. i’m not particularly interested in random jc girls, but it’s kinda flattering to hear anyway. haha.

Thanks Louis. I’m sure you tried your best :) and I’m sure my table was already in a mess when i left it. Hope it’s been an experience for you! Now you know why i feel like pulling out my hair sometimes. Hmmm….i had almost forgotton that you hardly did tutorials ;)anyway, it’s forgiven if not already forgotton. All the best.

Take care and God bless,
Mrs Choo

after my last day at vj i left an email for my ex-tutor (who i’d been relieving). in it i’d mentioned how i thought i’d done a crappy job, how shocked she must have been when she’d heard this never-do-tutorial guy relieving her, and that hopefully her table wasn’t much messier than she’d left it. her reply wasn’t very long, but it’s really nice to hear from her anyway.


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