mac update

i’ve been using my powerbook a lot more lately, a large part probably due to my free periods in the staffroom, but yeah i think i’m really getting used to OSX!

(for those of you who have no clue what i’m talking about, OSX is the mac’s version of windows)

like i’ve started using safari (apple’s default web browser) instead of firefox.

when i first used the laptop i downloaded firefox (which is what i use on the pc) to kill some of the learning curve, but firefox is pretty darned slow on the mac and safari’s much faster, and safari has most of the features which i use on firefox (mainly tabbed browsing), so yeah. a switch was made!

(besides, safari has built-in spellchecking which is pretty nifty. i know you can add it to firefox, but i’m just too lazy to.)

and my biggest grouse about osx was the lack of a good msn client. msn messenger for mac, microsoft’s kick in the nuts for all mac users trying to connect to msn, really stinks. low on features, continually getting disconnected from the server… yeah it was really lousy. looked quite clean and had timestamp built in, but yeah. it still sucked.

i’ve downloaded adium, however, which has really solved this problem for me. it looks good, works well, has the functions i want (mainly the ability to see profile pic). i had problems accepting the whole ducky theme of the program (for example, the default sound played when a message received was a QUACK), but thankfully it’s mostly customisable. i’d started by turning it into an msn clone, downloading associated sounds and even the dock icon, but later i relented upon seeing the adium messenger duck icon. which spoofs the original msn icons using adium’s icky duck icons.

somehow the spoof is really funny to me, so yeah it’s the one i’m currently using.

and so… yeah. aside from lack of games (probably have to wait a whole year before the popular games are ported over! if they even are), i think the mac’s a really nice system. for now.


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  1. install wow :o it looks better on a mac anyway =p

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