huff puff

so i went jogging today.

(yes i know that doesn’t sound right coming from me. so for the benefit of those who know me well and are rubbing your eyes in disbelief, i shall start from the top)

so i went jogging today.

i’ve been sending my brother to work now and then, and i figured that these mornings would be an ideal time for me to get my lazy butt moving and exercising and reducing risk of atherosclerosis. and maintaining that chance of getting IPPT silver and (more importantly) $200.

i’d been slacking since march so i started on a light trot. it didn’t seem so bad at the start – maybe the recent obs experience has readied me for jogging, in a sense!

less than 1km later, the silliness of this thought was apparent. i was no longer trotting along – rather, i was trottering. that’s when my piggish legs make one step in front of the other without conscious thought while all the time screaming in agony.


about 2km later i did. walked awhile, turned around, then continued the torture once more.

when i reached my starting point i was nearly dead. just sat on the ground and stoned awhile. did some stretching while i was at it. ouch ouch ouch.

they say exercise gives you a high of sorts. the endorphins or something? but i find that very short-lived. compared to the pain experienced after.

they should just invent something which exercises your muscles/respiration in your sleep or something.


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  1. erhmm! i recommend my fav feel-good exercise of all times…. MUNCHING!!!! haha u’d develop really great masseters hehe =P

  2. the pain is experienced after, only because you don’t do it regularly :P and some people apparently like the pain (don’t ask me, those masochists…)

  3. seriously, why torture urself so much for $200 only? tsk.

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