a lecture of 100 students is rather tough.

it seems that the larger the group, the more mobbish it gets. as a group, the students are just quite noisy and unresponsive… ask question no one will reply (as opposed to smaller gorups). yeah, i remember practically no one replied during my own jc lectures, either. oh well.

haha at the other end of the spectrum are the few hardworking inquisitive individuals, who swarmed me (where the heck did they come from!?!) after the session with loads of extra questions, most of which i was sorely unprepared to answer. i had to come up with a lame “i’d get back to you on that, but i won’t be around next week so it’s actually probably faster to ask your tutor”.

the thing is that these hardworking kids are the ones who you want to help more (since they’re more ‘deserving’), so it’s kinda frustrating when i can’t… grr.

i’m actually relieving mrs choo at vj right now. she’s on maternity leave and yeah i get to use her desk. it’s kinda ironic since she was my chem tutor last time and even though she was really nice and i really liked her i was probably one of her more troublesome students. not doing homework and flunking common tests and all that. haiyah. i shall leave a little gift for her or something when she comes back and kicks me out of my job.

(apparently the policy is such that relief teachers can only be hired to replace MIA teachers so once mrs choo is back i can’t be employed anymore. which is just as well because i’m finding this job horribly draining. haha. and the hours are really slack! shucks. i’m gonna die as a teacher next time. premature ageing.)

my personal space! whooohoo. with a nice LAN connection so i can surf the net during free period. i also watched an episode of csi today (copied from home). 光明正大! haha. way better than ns =P

and now i shall end off with a (random?) photo of xueling hard at work today when we had dinner at cafe cartel with emil. and i’m so tired i can just drop to bed and sleep. goodnight.


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  1. hey, can help me ask the staff there if they need any more relief teachers? i’m done slacking.. argh.

  2. Watching CSI in the staff room? Over the LAN?! Now I know what teachers do… LOLOnce in a tutorial (this was in UC Berkeley, California), I cited Sherlock Holmes in an example and most of my students did not have a clue about what I was talking about. It became better after I switched to citing Grissom instead…

  3. see lah? tell the JC kiddos if they wanna be a teacher, they better be nice in class if not there will lots of retribution. like u.

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