lousy teacher

today i had a class of about 40 students, in an LT. there i discovered that i make a pretty lousy lecturer.

my previous classes were all with small groups (around 3) so it was pretty much like tuition. quite easy. can focus on them without much effort. answer their queries directly. monitor their progress individually. and they’re quite guai. just listen, ask qns, etc.

but once the group balloons in size, the horde of students seems to change in character. more noisy, lazy, belligerent, everything bad. haha. the lazy ones will start to obviously slack off. it’s still manageable since they’re still jc students, but. yeah. well.

so even though i had essentially the same lesson (go through tutorial worksheets) to do, the nature of the lesson was very much different.

i have this habit of gesticulating when explaining something. this got really obvious when one of the kids, apparently bored already, started waving his hands in the air in front of him mockingly. i kinda got the idea. was quite irritated, but remembered that i was no longer a 3SG in front of a bunch of puny PTEs. so can’t really do much about it. but anyway i remembered how i’d made fun of some teachers in the past too so. oh well. it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. and at least i now try to curb my hand gestures while talking. so. learnt something?

i was also maybe a little too monotous. naturally deep (boring?) voice, inserted too little jokes here and there, probably a good sleeping session. it didn’t help that i was rushing (students always come in late!) and that i’m actually not too familiar with the subject matter (shhhh!).

the worst thing is, tmr i have a class of 100!

ok lah. all in all i think i’m still better than some of the lousier lecturers i’ve seen. maybe on par with the average ones. but still. that’s not my aim! i want to be a good teacher! sigh.

well, at least my actual job in the future won’t be much lecturing, more of classroom teaching. more interaction and stuff. hopefully i’m better at that. or with practice/preparation/etc, will become good at it. i’d really hate to be one of those boring sucky teachers.

sigh. what a depressing thought.


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  1. let me be ur assistant!the week after next…………….. hahaha

  2. oy louis cheer up!!! haha i’m sure there out appreciative students out there too lah besides the little monkeys u noticed! (like me, role model student heh) =P

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