links galore

today i came back from a long day at MOE (preparing for our item for the presentation ceremony) and found a huge stack of interesting (to me) articles online waiting to be read.

and now i’ve spent too much time ignoring my job (starting tomorrow!) so i’m off to prepare after listing the links.

this is probably the most comprehensive writeup on durian i’ve ever seen. then again, i haven’t seen many. still! wow.

somewhat coincidentally, tips for first-time relief teachers. it’s a pretty interesting blog in general (can check out the links from there too) and i don’t agree with everything, but an enjoyable read lah.

and after reading this article on how bloggers are being eliminated from job selections, i’m thinking of re-censoring. haha. but it’s just so mafan. sigh.

lastly, the chinese philosophy of swearing is pretty funny. never really noticed before, but yeah i guess it’s pretty true. what about ‘son of a bitch’ as an english insult, though?


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  1. I suppose the writer’s take on SOAB would be that it is nevertheless still directed primarily at the person swore at rather than the parents. After all, we are talking about the “YOU are a son of a …” etc., rather than “you MOTHER is …” even though by swearing such at the person, some bit of abuse is reflected upon the mother. In other other words, in abusing the guy, you indirectly hit the mother as well.The Chinese modus operandi, on the other hand (according to the writer), is to directly abuse the mother and let that reflect on the person you are actually targeting. In other words, to hit the son, you abuse the mother.Anyway, SOAB has direct Chinese equivalents. So the contrast is not absolute but a matter of tendency.

  2. hoi mr tan! haha hope u r doing fine with ur erm beloved chem remedial kids… teehee.

  3. dude! now everytime I see one of those cows, I think of you. Haha

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