i quit!

this job i’ve officially had for 2 whole months now… really draining. it was great for awhile, but got really boring after some time. and the hours are crazy!

i refer, of course, to the 24/7 job of fulltime slacker.

so i recently contacted vj asking if there were any relief teaching positions for chem (year1) and physics (either year). then i got a reply saying there may be a slot for chem and was asked to go down to vj. so i went down today and got myself into really big trouble.

come jul 12 (or so), i will be the remedial tutor for vj chem!

the problem being, i don’t remember most of jc chem already. oh no. time to crash course everything. hopefully the kids don’t complain until i’m nearly done. haha.

don’t even remember if i was in chem remedial before. haha. i don’t think i was doing very well in the common tests. i can just imagine how i’m going to start. “guys. i was just like you once…” (even more so than you think, snigger snigger).

my chem tutor (mrs choo) is on maternity leave so i didn’t get to talk to her. but just as well, she wasn’t able to protest loudly to the HOD and level head i spoke to today. regarding my employment.

allan. where’re your notes!??!


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  1. are we switching roles or what. now i can gloat over ur havejob status while i slack at home. nyah nyah!

  2. Good luck! I hardly remember JC chem either (or much from any other subjects, for that matter). Just read up, and hope that they don’t ask you difficult questions :)

  3. haha nian qing ren! welcm to the very-stressed-working-adult’s-life!!!! congrats!!! *beams* erm. gd luck louis… =P oh well. no more wake-up-at-12 days then… heh

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